Qwest Energy Local Saver

Our local prepayment tariff with discounted rates supported by the Community Fund

Local Saver

Our locally discounted Pay As You Go tariff supported by the Qwest Energy Community Fund. This variable tariff is for you if you have a prepayment meter in your home and live within selected locations in Chester & Cheshire West

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Qwest Energy Local Saver

The Local Saver gives you complete control of your energy spend as you can pay in advance for your electricity and gas by 'topping up' your meter, usually with a card and a key.

This tariff is supported by the Qwest Energy Community Fund and applies discounted rates for selected locations. The locations have been selected as areas that would most benefit from a cheaper energy deal.

Prepayment tariffs help you manage your finances, as you pay for your gas and electricity usage up front. However, the variable rate means that the price may rise and fall with the market and prepay tariffs can often work out more expensive than fixed tariffs.

More about this plan

Supplying energy comes with a big responsibility to the planet. At Qwest Energy, we keep sustainability and renewable energy sources at the forefront of everything we do.

This tariff offers 100% renewable energy, meaning that all of the electricity we provide to you is generated from renewable sources.

For more information about our renewable energy, take a look at our Renewable Energy Guide or view the journey our energy takes to get to you.

Principal Terms

You can download all the principal terms about this tariff. Click here to download now