Qwest Energy Fixed Sept 21 v2

A great value, fixed price tariff, perfect for those who want the peace of mind that their price won't change until Sept 21.

It's a great time to fix

This plan offers a great value, long term, locked-in prices across both your daily standing charge and the energy unit rate. With this fixed tariff, your bill will only change when your usage goes up or down so it's ideal if you want affordable prices, plus the comfort of not having to worry about price changes a number of years.

Bear in mind that if market prices generally fall during your contract period, you could end up paying more than you would on a variable rate plan.

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Supplying energy comes with a big responsibility to the planet. At Qwest Energy, we keep sustainability and renewable energy sources at the forefront of everything we do.

This tariff offers 100% renewable electricity and gas, meaning that all of the energy we provide to you is generated from renewable sources.

For more information about our renewable energy, take a look at our Renewable Energy Guide or view the journey our energy takes to get to you.

Principal Terms

You can download all the principal terms about this tariff. Click here to download now