Rate Rollover Promise

All our fixed-term tariffs include our Rate Rollover Promise, meaning we'll transfer you onto our cheapest comparable tariff when your fixed term ends.

How does it work?

Switching to the cheapest comparable tariff available at the end of your contract with us is easy, in fact, it's automatic!

When your fixed term is coming to an end, we'll contact you with the best deals we have available for you to choose from. Don't worry though, if you don't pick a new tariff yourself, we won't roll you onto our Standard Variable Tariff (SVT). Instead, we will put you onto your Rollover Tariff, which is the cheapest comparable tariff available to you at that time, and won't charge you any exit fees if you decide to switch to another tariff or supplier.

What is an SVT?

The industry default tariff for customers who have moved to a new home and not set up an energy contract, or have finished their fixed term contract without changing or renewing it, is an SVT (Standard Variable Tariff).

SVT prices vary, so are different to fixed price tariffs. More often than not, they can be more expensive for the same supply. A benefit of SVTs though, is that customers are able to leave at any time without paying an exit fee.

Millions of people are signed up to SVTs so they are often in the news. With our Rate Rollover Promise you will never pay a higher price than our SVT. You will also benefit from a cheaper tariff at the time of rollover.

What does 'the cheapest' mean?

At the time your contract ends, we choose the cheapest comparable tariff for you which is defined as the one which will result in the lowest annual cost out of all our tariff options.

Remember that our Rollover tariff has no exit fee so you are free to leave whenever if you so wish.

As long as you are our customer, we will always review your prices; you can have peace of mind that you are not being overcharged.